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Helping provide outdoor opportunities for disabled sportsmen and youth hunters.....
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Welcome to Missouri Disabled Sportsmen, Inc.!

Ahhhh…..There’s nothing like the serenity of a cold, crisp autumn morning.  You’re sitting twenty feet high in your deer stand, your breath visible as tiny clouds.   You hear the crunching of the leaves as the dawning of a new day awakens the squirrels who begin scurrying around you.  A loud noise comes from behind.  Slowly, you turn your head to see a magnificent buck meandering toward your stand.   He stops to listen to the sounds and to gather the scents in the air.  You’re certain he can hear your heartbeat as it races in your chest.  This is the buck you’ve been watching for the past two seasons.  He will finally be your trophy if he continues to follow the path he is currently taking.   He makes his way around to the front of your stand, but he stops behind a tree.  Your adrenalin is rushing like never before.  Finally, he steps out from behind the tree.  You have your crosshairs locked on him, and…….

Unfortunately, not everyone with a passion for hunting can experience this.  There are some who face challenges in their everyday lives of which most of us have no concepts.  For some, they consider hunting an activity in which they will never or will no longer experience.   This is where we at Missouri Disabled Sportsmen, Inc. come into the picture.  It is our mission to provide hunting and fishing opportunities for disabled sportsmen and young hunters.