Missouri Disabled Sportsmen

Helping provide outdoor opportunities for disabled sportsmen and youth hunters.....
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MDS Events Overview

All of our events are no cost for the participate.  MDS is not a membership organization so there is no membership fee.  Participants must however, pay for their own license, if required by law and for any lodging needed.

Family members, parents, guests, and personal attendants are welcome and encouraged to attend.  

All of our events are family oriented.  We feel outdoor recreation is important to the lives of people with disabilities, our youngsters, and our elders.  We strive to improve life and help make your community a better place!

Many outdoor events are possible:

Hunting, fishing, shooting and archery.....

We work to organize an event that is safe, fun, educational, and beneficial to the participants and all attending partners.

MDS brings experience in logistics and resources with the strength of local grassroots support to help improve the quality of life for all of the participants.  Many, many strong friendships have developed over the years after first attending one of this quality events.


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